Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Most Holy Eucharist Taken From Holy Mass By UCF Student

Pray! Pray! Pray! This is a new low. This guy claims to have wanted to take the Eucharist out of Church to show it to another student who was curious about the Catholic faith. Makes sense huh! Why not take the student to the Church? Why not buy him "Catholicism For Dummies?" I don't believe a word of what this idiot is saying. Satan is working overtime at the University of Central Florida, so we must pray that this kid comes to his senses and returns the Eucharist to the Bishop. Pray also that no misguided fool goes after the student, Webster Cook either. God knows he can't afford to spend any time in the hospital as he needs all the education he can get!

To express your desire for immediate action by UCF's President, go here:

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