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Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

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Catholic Clergy Challenge Colleagues to Reacquaint Themselves and Their People with Humanae Vitae

Contact: Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, 717-957-2662

BALTIMORE, Maryland, July 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy celebrated the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the encyclical from Paul VI, by asking every deacon, priest and bishop to reread and re-educate their flock with this prophetic document. The organization also pledged support for all bishops who confront and deny Holy Communion to unrepentant Catholic politicians that support abortion, if prior attempts to enlighten their consciences fail. A national association of 600 priests and deacons, the CCC met in Baltimore, MD, July 14-17 for its 33rd annual convocation. Dr. Janet Smith, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer (HLI) and Fr. Peter West (Priests for Life), Fr. George Restrepo, SJ, and Mr. Thomas McKenna were speakers. All of them discussed the perennial truths taught in Humanae Vitae, namely, that human life is sacred from the first moment of conception until natural death and that it is gravely immoral to separate the unitive (love) and procreative (life) ends of conjugal love. Hence, abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, et al. are considered sinful and immoral and to be avoided.Dissent from Humanae Vitae, which was in vogue in the late 1960's is on the decline in Catholicism since the pontificates of John Paul II and now Benedict XVI. While sometimes a difficult teaching to embrace and maintain, it is nevertheless the only means to uphold the natural law and to safeguard the sanctity of the human person, marriage and the family as well as civilization itself.Forty years ago, opponents of Humanae Vitae wanted Pope Paul VI to change the Church's ban on contraception due to the then newly developed birth control pill. Experts point out, however, that since the advent of the Pill, instances of breast, uterine and other forms of female cancer have increased in proportion to the proliferation of the Pill. Sexual promiscuity, deviancy, venereal disease, increase in divorces, illegitimate births, and a host of other social ills threatening society and the Church.The CCC challenges all its brother clergy to teach, explain and defend this most timely encyclical.A plea was made to the national conference of bishops (USCCB) so that an accurate and eloquent English translation of the Roman Missal be approved expediently as long as it does not insult the intelligence of the faithful and does not betray the authentic Latin text. The CCC thanked Pope Benedict for his visible efforts to restore more reverence to sacred worship through personal example when celebrating the liturgy.

Confraternity of Clergy Issue Resolutions
7/18/2008 - PSTMARYSVILLE, PA (JULY 18, 2008) - The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (a national association of 600 priests and deacons) held its 33rd annual convocation this year (July 14-17, 2008) in Baltimore, MD. The following resolutions were approved and issued as follows:

1. We resolve as priests and deacons of the Catholic Church to reaffirm our unequivocal and complete acceptance and support of the magisterial teachings contained in the papal encyclical 'Humanae Vitae' (by Paul VI) as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of this prophetic document. Furthermore, we pledge to explain and encourage our faithful to fully know, understand and comply with authentic Christian morality contained in this encyclical, especially on the intrinsic evils of abortion and contraception.

2. We resolve as pastors and spiritual leaders to aggressively engage our people to defend and protect the sanctity of marriage as a union of one man and one woman. We strongly urge the faithful to exercise their political power as tax paying voters to elect and influence governors and legislators so they will enact state amendments to prevent the alteration, expansion or redefinition of marriage.

3. We resolve to express our profound gratitude to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for his first pastoral visit to the United States this past April and for his pastoral care of the lower clergy. We appreciate his words of support for priests and deacons as he spoke to the bishops of our nation. The CCC also thanks the Pontiff for his visit to Australia for World Youth Day since his love and concern for young people is a model for all pastors.

4. We resolve to follow the lead and continue the work begun by the Holy Father in his efforts to reintroduce more of the sacred into divine worship. The Pope teaches us by example in the gestures, materials, and manner in which he celebrates the Holy Mass.

5. We resolve to urge and exhort our bishops to give us an accurate and eloquent translation of the Roman Missal as soon as possible. Reverent worship of God, which edifies and nourishes the faithful, demands sacred language and sacred ritual (words & gestures). Therefore, we ask for a translation that is not patronizing to the intelligence of our people but instead inspires them to aspire to seek and embrace holiness.

6. We resolve to support every bishop who courageously defends the sanctity and integrity of the Holy Eucharist by denying Communion to notorious and unrepentant politicians who are openly supportive of abortion and/or euthanasia. We applaud those shepherds who make every effort to persuade and dialogue with these politicians in hopes of converting their minds and hearts to be completely Pro-Life. We also acknowledge that those whose obstinate hardness of heart prevent them from abandoning their allegiance to the so-called "pro-choice" defense of abortion make themselves ineligible to receive Holy Communion.

unanimously approved 7-17-08
Rev John Trigilio, Jr (president)

Contact: Confraternity of Catholic Clergy PA, US
Rev Dr John Trigilio - president, 717 - 957-2662
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