Sunday, August 3, 2008

"ed" - A good example of the immaturity and common disrespectfulness of Prof. Myers' supporters.

There is a saying that "for some people it is a good idea to keep your mouth shut instead of opening it up and proving your ignorance."

Ever since the U. of Minn. professor P.Z. Myers started his own immature, adolescent, disrespectful and hate-filled attack on Catholics, I have followed the comments of his supporters on his blog. I was not at all surprised by the similar drivel from those who are like-minded to the hate-filled Prof. Myers. However, many of Myers' groupies haven't been content with writing their comments on his blog, but they have felt compelled to take their immature comments and personal attacks to faithful Catholic's blogs. I know because I have read some of those blogs and because several have attempted to leave such comments on this blog.

By way of example, one such attempted poster who goes by "ed," has left the following requested comments on my blog:
1. "It's just a cracker."
2. "boo hoo"
3. "How did that work out for ya? Did your fragile god heal up, oh wait he's make believe and it's just a cracker after all!"

Folks, when you're disputing an issue with someone, the best evidence of the weakness of the other side's position is when they are forced to abandon all reasonable and rational discourse and instead engage in ad hominen attacks on the other person. A review of the comments of "ed" and many other supporters of Myers, makes it abundantly clear that they never even attempted to employ reason, intelligence and a rational approach to very serious issues.

I respect their right to be athiests. However, they have no right to be disrespectful and to fail to show common decency to one's fellow man. One would think that a professor in a major university would be interested ("required?") in giving good example to his students as to how one engages in respectful, intellectual discourse with one's fellow man. It is quite apparent that Myers has no interest in doing so, and his students are blindly following his lead.

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