Monday, September 29, 2008

Banana Bark Cards - Food For The Poor, Inc.

The production of Banana Bark cards offers poor families a "hand up" rather than just a "handout." Poor Haitian mothers who produce these cards pray for your request for more of their work. Imagine your joy in knowing that a desperate Haitian mother received work because you sent Banana Bark Christmas cards to all your loved ones. It's truly a magnificent way to commemorate Christ's birth throughout the holidays and the entire year!

Banana Bark cards are a wonderful way to spread God’s love by caring for His poor. By purchasing these beautiful, unique cards, you support jobs for desperately poor Haitian families who produce them. Your simple purchase offers hope and dignity to those who need it most.

Handcrafted Banana Bark Cards offer a unique way to pass along a message to a friend or loved one, while also helping poor families in Haiti. People in Haiti desperately search for ways to support their families. Assembling these cards provides them with valuable income. One woman, Phonie Etienne, had a message for those who support this program: “I pray that God will give them blessings. I pray for the people who make this program possible and that they and their families receive the best, and that God will bless them so that they can continue to help us.”

You can choose from either Christmas or all-occasion cards. Sending these cards delivers a message of love to the recipient, and also a message of hope to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
Order your own handcrafted cards now.

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