Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Don't try to force your religious beliefs about abortion on everyone else!"

Have you heard that one? So many defensive pro-abortion advocates toss that one out at you to try to abruptly end the debate. But is opposition to abortion really a matter of one's religious beliefs anyway?

Consider the following:

"Non-Christians and even Christians can take opposite positions on abortion even when they think rationally, honestly, and with good will. The continuing controversy over abortion shows that it is a truly controversial issue. It is not simple and clear-cut, but complex. Just as the choices for action are often difficult for a woman contemplating abortion, the choices for thought are often difficult for open-minded philosophers."

Wait a minute! Has Tom lost his mind? Could the statements above really be true?

To find the answer, read this: The Abortion Issue From a Non-Religious Position.

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