Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Wants to "Redistribute" Your Wealth - (He says so himself!)

Many people have been warning that Obama's true intent is to take the hard earned money that you made for your family and redistribute it to others. This from Wikipedia on "redistribution of wealth, "Capitalism relies primarily on the voluntary purchase and sale of goods and services, whereas Communism and Socialism typically use involuntary methods such as taxation and nationalization of property."

"Voluntary transfer of wealth
Charity is a common method of shifting wealth from those who have it to those who do not.

Forced transfer of wealth
Some methods for this are: welfare, nationalization, slavery, taxation, socialism, inflation, devaluation, government policies, or theft."

So now listen to this 2001 audio clip from the very lips of Obama himself, and decide for yourself if he desires a communist or socialist United States. The answer is very clear!

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