Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Picture of Life - A Picture of Love!

The picture to the left was sent to me by someone who has a beautiful story to tell! She has permitted me to share her story with you, and I agreed in turn to protect her privacy. Thus her name has been "X'd" out at the end, and I have not incuded the hospital record as it contains identifying information. I do verify the accuracy of the facts of her birth as stated by her below as I have reviewed the hospital record myself. Other than that, here is her story:


Attached is a picture and hospital record of a little girl who was born on December 29, 1954. She was actually due 3 months later. She weighed 2 lbs. 6 1/4 oz and was a little under 14 inches long. Her dad said she could fit in a shoe box - she was so tiny. Her wrists were so tiny that the little pink and white identification bracelet was placed on her ankle.

In 1954 the medical equipment was not like today's. She was born in a small hospital in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The week before she was born, the hospital got an isolet, which saved her life. She grew strong and was able to go home in March of 1955, the month in which she was due to be born.

Her parents were warned that she would more than likely be smaller than other children and she may have developmental and/or learning problems.

This little girl grew up through the grace of God - a normal childhood and had no physical disabilities - she was a very determined little girl and still is to this day.

That little girl is me.

Tom, I feel so strongly about respect for life - to pray to stop abortions and for all those innocent babies who never were able to grow up and become members of our society. Nobody can ever tell me that life does not begin at the moment of conception. I look at the picture and cannot fathom partial-birth abortions or abortion at all. As a mother I think of the miracle of life before each of my children was born and the wonder and awe in the birth of each child....

I think of women who cannot have children, I think of our son who was only with us for 15 months and parents who have lost their children, and simply wonder how and why....there are so many other options - but not abortion.

I'm sharing this story with you, Tom - it's not about me, but life and how precious the gift of life is. It's not something I want passed from one person to another. But I cannot help but look at the picture and the footprints and be amazed and so maybe I'm a little scared to share this, for I don't want the message to be misinterpreted. But maybe, just maybe by sharing another person's life story, will help another. I don't know. I hope you understand my intent by sharing this with you. If you feel that this story will help somebody else, please remove my name, for nobody needs to know who it is. Again, I hope you understand.

We must pray for the right for life every single day.

Take care - again God Bless you for all that you do.


I know this woman and her family quite well. I dread to think of who the world would never have know had her parents been "pro-choice." Of course her children whould not be here and her dear husband would never have been blessed with knowing her. The countless people she has touched in her life through her kind and caring nature would have gone without her assistance.

Please share this story with all of your family and friends. We all know that truth always prevails eventually. Thus we are assured that the Culture of Life will prevail over our current Culture of Death! Stories like this help people to recognize the beauty and value of ALL human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Who are we to put an end to what God has created in the womb?

God bless -

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