Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barak Obama's Pro-Abortion Extremism

By Dr Brian W. Clowes, Ph.D.-

Barack Obama is the most extreme pro-abortion politician in the history of American politics at any level. He is so fanatical that not even the most ardent pro-abortion groups in this country support some of his views. Case in point: The Born Alive Infants Protection Act, or ("BAIPA"). This bill was introduced after the uncovering of a brutal and barbaric practice being carried out in Illinois hospitals. Late-term babies were being aborted alive and then simply placed in soiled utility rooms to die in agony. Sometimes they cried and struggled for over a day.

BAIPA was introduced on the federal level and in various states, and these bills stated that all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to live as any other child. BAIPA easily won a unanimous vote in the United States Senate. Even the most pro-abortion senators, including Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry, voted for it. The most extreme pro-abortion group in the country, NARAL, stated no opinion on BAIPA because it considered that fighting the bill would appear too extreme.

However, then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama fought the bill tooth and nail. He voted against the BAIPA twice and, in 2003, stopped it from even getting a hearing.
Apparently, Obama thinks that the "right" to abortion continues even after birth. In his eyes, this "right" is not about abortion at all, but about a "right" to a dead child.

Second case in point: Partial-Birth Abortion. As the name suggests, this gruesome procedure involves the delivery of a late-term baby feet-first until only the head remains in side the mother. The abortionists then actually holds the baby's head inside the mother, punches a hole in the back of the babys' skull, and vacuums out his or her brains. It would be a simple matter to simply let the baby be born but, once again, the objective is a dead baby.

It is difficult to imagine that anyone with a shred of humanity would endorse such a grisly practice, but Obama did so loudly and enthusiastically. Not only did he stridently oppose the United States Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, he strongly condemned the United States Supreme Court decision upholding it.

It appears that Barack Obama never met an abortion he didn't like, even those that leading pro-abortion groups are reluctant to endorse. If he shows such a lack of humanity towards the most helpless among us, how can we expect him to show mercy to other vulnerable groups of people?

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