Friday, January 16, 2009

Human Life International’s Pro-Life Talking Points

Obama v. Life

1. Barack Obama declared the expansion of abortion
his first priority

2. FOCA, Obama’s first priority, is the most extreme
pro-abortion legislation

3. Obama favored allowing the killing of infants
born alive

4. Obama was the favorite candidate of the pro-abortion

5. Obama favors forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic
stem-cell research

6. Obama favors partial-birth abortion

7. Obama favors secret abortions for minors

8. Obama opposes funding for crisis pregnancy
centers and the Hyde Amendment

9. Obama flip-flopped on Terri Schiavo

10. Obama’s appointees favor expanding abortion
here and abroad

Go here: Pro-Life Talking Points: Obama v. Life for the full version with explanations of each point.

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