Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winers Only! Drink Wine/Support the Pope!

I used to love to have a glass of wine on special occassions, but over the past few years any type of alcohol has started to reek havoc on my digestive system. Nevertheless, I can still cherish it from afar! If you happen to be a wine lover, you may want to give this company a try. (No! I get no kickbacks!)

Trinitas Cellars states this about one program it offers:

"Our Trinity of Wine program includes 3 very special wines: 2006 ratZINger Zinfandel (Red), 2007 Psalms (White) and 2007 Rose’ary (a Rosé Blend). Profits from the 2006 ratZINger Zinfandel will be donated to the Vatican to support the Pope Benedict Ratzinger Program -- a legacy tribute that benefits the Pope’s causes. The projects the Holy Father supports are worldwide and diverse. They involve feeding people and feeding people’s souls: the mission of sharing the Word of God.

In those Eastern Block countries where religion and Catholicism is again beginning to blossom, the Holy Father is supporting projects for seminaries, parishes, schools and shrines... to bring faith back to a people whose structure of faith had been smashed down and all but destroyed. A generation of people have been waiting for their Church to be restored, another generation has never known the Church, and a new generation is just being born that will have the opportunity for a fresh start. These are miraculous times and the Holy Spirit moves with abundance."

Check it out here.

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