Friday, February 6, 2009

ARCHBISHOP BURKE Clearly Explains What Should Be A "No-Brainer!"

"Bishops Have no Choice But to Refuse Communion to Pro-Abort Politicians"

OK, so what exactly don't you understand? Can Archbishop Raymond Burke be any more clear to us? After all, he is the head of the Church's highest court, the Apostolic Signatura!

He said, "I don't understand the continual debate that goes on about it. There's not a question that a Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports pro-abortion legislation is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion."

Just in case you didn't get that, he also said, "The Church's law is very clear. The person who persists publicly in grave sin is to be denied Holy Communion, and it [Canon Law] doesn't say that the bishop shall decide this. It's an absolute."

Archbishop Burke vehemently disputes the allegation that refusing Holy Communion politicizes the Eucharist. In fact, he argues the complete opposite. He states that, "The politician who insists on being seen receiving Holy Communion, despite his opposition to the Church's central teachings, is using that reception for political leverage."

Here are the real reasons for denying communion to such frauds according to Archbishop Burke, "The Holy Eucharist, the most sacred reality of our life in the Church, has to be protected against sacrilege. At the same time, individuals have to be protected for the sake of their own salvation from committing one of the gravest sins, namely to receive Holy Communion unworthily."

To that I would also add that it must be done to prevent scandal from other faithful who may not be so strong on the belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. If they see a Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, or John Kerry receiving the Eucharist, they just might conclude that the consecrated host really isn't Christ if the Church permits those who favor the killing of the unborn to receive.

As for the Bishops who prefer a more "pastoral approach" of education of such politicians, Archbishop Burke indicated that in his experience, despite offers from their Bishops, they do not accept the opportunity for such an education.

According to Archbishop Burke, the debate is over and the USCCB has absolutely no say or authority in the matter. "This is a law of the universal Church and it should be applied."

As for what to do, Archbishop Burke concludes that priests and bishops must simply do their jobs. If they confront such politicians, not only should they not be criticized, "they should be praised for confronting the situation!"

Quite simply, the Church cannot permit itself to be governed by politicians, the media, and public debate. The last time I checked, the Church was not a democracy. Much to the contrary, it is of divine origin. This is the kind of separation of Church and State that I like!

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