Monday, February 2, 2009

"Pennsylvania Voted Most Pro-Life State in America!"

Boy am I glad to be in PA! we all should be exceedingly and rightfully proud that Americans United for Life has named our great State as the most pro-life state in the nation! But how did they decide that?

This being their sixth year for choosing such rankings, Americans United for Life states the following on their website:

"While AUL's criteria covers states' treatment of all life issues, final rankings depend largely on each state's enactment of prudent and well-supported laws. Such laws fence in the abortion license granted by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade. Among the laws AUL looks for are informed consent, parental involvement for minors, medically-supported regulation of abortion providers, and limitations on the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion."

Here's what they had to say specifically about Pennsylvania.

This is the part I like the best: "Pennsylvania has allocated millions of dollars annually to abortion alternative programs. Entities receiving the funds cannot perform abortions or provide abortion counseling." My company, Real Alternatives, runs that program and I serve as its Program Director! Check out this short film:


fr jim said...

we may be the most pro-life state, but we've got a "great pretender" in Casey (and Biden trying to reclaim Scranton) who is trying to claim he is prolife and yet took almost $400,000 in campaign funds from pro-death groups.

To top it off, they voted for the "unchosen One" despite us clinging to our guns, rosaries and backwoods approach to life

Tom Lang said...

Fr. Jim - I couldn't agree more! (Scroll down to the Jan. 28th post about Casey.) There's no way though that the awesome Bishop Martino will allow Biden to reclaim Scranton!