Friday, March 20, 2009

Notre Dame to Give an Award to a Pro-Abortion, Pro-Infanticide, Pro-Euthanasia, Pro-Embryo Killing President!

A sure sign that the world is coming to and end! The most well-known, prestigious (and might I add arrogant and elitist) CATHOLIC institution of "higher" (Ha!) learning . . . yes, NOTRE DAME, is groveling at the feet of Barack Obama. They have asked him to address their graduates at commencement this year, and will then bestow on him an honorary doctor of laws degree!

If you are a devout Catholic and are not appalled at this, you need to engage in a deep examination of conscience! If you are a fathful Catholic and a graduate of Notre Dame, you just have to be ashamed and embarrassed by this action. No doubt that "Our Lady" after whom this school is named, is deeply saddened and hurt by this thoughtless action.

What scandal this causes to the faithful! All of the souls that are led astray by this action are the direct responsibility of those who have made this terrible decision. What is the guy in the pew supposed to think if the most well-known Catholic University awards the King of the Culture of Death?

Cardinal George, let's see how serious you are about not standing for such conduct. How long until you demand them to change their name and to revoke their right to refer to themselves as "Catholic?"

Where is the OUTRAGE people?

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Anonymous said...

I am very angry and told Jenkins so in a very polite manner of course. I propose making a new March for Life on Mar. 17 on the Notre Dame campus with speakers, bus loads, and other non violent protesting. Since Obama wouldn't address the pro life crowd in January perhaps he'd like to see everyone up close as he rides into Notre Dame.