Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here's why!

1. They proudly make routine major donations to Planned Parenthood.
2. They proudly support EMBRYONIC stem cell research.

Here's the support for these facts, but the Internet is full of evidence of this and they certainly do not deny these facts.

Some deny it, but there is ample evidence that abortion can cause breast cancer.  In the face of this evidence, even if disputed by some, why in the heck would a group whose stated purpose is to find a cure for breast cancer contribute significant dollars to the largest, boldest abortion provider in the world?  Makes one wonder what really is going on there!

Why would an organization which claims to want to save the lives of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer be a proponent of embryonic stem cell research which necessarily results in the death of a human being?  Makes no sense whatsoever!

Have they forgotten that THE ENDS NEVER JUSTIFY THE MEANS?

There are plenty of other very good breast cancer support groups out there who could use your financial support for the great work they do.  We love our women!  We hurt when they hurt due to breast cancer.  However, we simply refuse to toss our morals and the natural law into the waste basket due to misguided attempts by self-proclaimed "do-gooders."  You're smarter than that people!  Don't be taken by their guile and tactics, regardless of how "feel good" they make it seem.  We are always called to do proper research and ask the right questions to have a PROPERLY formed conscience.

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