Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BOYCOTT BROOKSTONE if you agree this man was wronged

Massachusetts Man Fired for Telling Colleague that Homosexual Behavior Is Wrong


The incident leading to Vidala's termination began when a visiting manager told Vidala that she was getting married. Vidala congratulated her and asked where he (her husband) was taking her for the honeymoon. The other manager corrected him, saying "where is she taking me."

"I didn't say anything, I quickly changed the subject, and I kind of went on with the workday," Vidala said. But the manager continued to repeatedly mention her female 'fiancée' throughout the day.

"It made me uncomfortable because I see that sort of behavior as immoral, personally," Vidala said. And so when the manager mentioned her "marriage" for what Vidala says was "at least the fourth time," Vidala felt compelled to speak.

"Regarding homosexuality, I believe that that 's bad stuff," Vidala says he told the manager. He says that he was going to continue by explaining that he would prefer her not to bring it up in the workplace, but she started laughing.

"Get over it. HR buddy, keep your opinions to yourself," she said. A few hours later Vidala was suspended; two days later Vidala received a termination letter, which accuses him of "harassment" and of "imposing" his beliefs upon others.

. . .

Vidala was also disturbed by a video Brookstone shows to all new employees to help illustrate its personnel policies. According to Vidala, in it a man who describes himself as gay says that he was offended by overhearing another man say, "Well, gee, you know, I'd be uncomfortable if a homosexual hit on me."

Vidala continued: "You could have a so-called homosexual person hit on you [if you work for Brookstone], and you won't be able to say anything, because by expressing your belief that what they're doing is wrong, you're harassing them."

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