Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Law to Prevent Police from Enforcing the Law??? - How low have we sunk as a society?

Yes folks it's true! None other than San Francisco is considering enacting a law to prevent the police from enforcing their law that (rightfully) considers prostitution to be illegal. And why are they considering this? MONEY of course! You remember . . . the ROOT OF ALL EVIL! It's not just a quaint saying that our mothers used to toss our way. It's real life in our world today. Check it out for yourself here:

So let's add up some stuff and see where we stand shall we?

- legal prostitution

- abortion on demand

- contraception

- gay "marriage"

- euthanasia

- homosexuality

- embryonic stem cell research

- cloning

- gay pride parades

- smut on TV

- smut on the radio

- no prayer in school

- low church attendance

- immodest dress

- etc., etc., etc.

Hard to believe that Sodom and Gommorah was worse than our society today!

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