Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New research backs abortion-breast cancer link. Is a 66 PERCENT INCREASE a risk you're willing to take?

For your personal discernment. However, when you are finished reading, the simple question is whether young women should be given this information or not. Should they be given the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they are willing to take the risk that the results of this study are wrong or not? Or, should this be hidden from them by their medical providers and society at large until definitive and undisputed proof is finally found? Would you want to be told this if you were a young woman today?

One other question to ask yourself is whether in light of yet another such study should the Susan G. Komen Foundation and it's "Race for the Cure" (you know, the one's who are trying to help find a cure for breast cancer), continue to donate money to Planned Parenthood (you know, the one's who think every day is a great day for an abortion - so long as they are making millions of dollars off of our women)?

Here's the story about the study:

.- A Turkish researcher has reported a statistically significant 66 percent increase in breast cancer risk among women who have had an abortion.

Dr. Vahit Ozmen and his colleagues at the Istanbul Medical Faculty and Magee-Women's hospital conducted a retrospective study in breast cancer risk factors which discovered the connection. Their study was published in the World Journal of Surgical Oncology, an open access, peer reviewed online medical journal.

The researchers also reviewed the contemporary literature on the possible abortion-breast cancer link, saying “the majority of the studies reported that induced abortion was associated with increased breast cancer risk.”

According to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute (BCPI) director Joel Brind, a professor of endocrinology at Baruch College at City University of New York, said the findings call into question the National Cancer Institute’s 2003 declaration that it was “established” that there was no connection between abortion and breast cancer.

The new study, Brind said, is “honest research” that cracks the “wall of denial erected by our increasingly nonsensical and bizarre political institutions.”

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